Lamiez Spoils Mom With A VrrrPha!

Lamiez and her mother have the best relationship

By  | Jan 23, 2023, 08:48 PM  | DJ Lamiez Holworthy  | Top of the

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Guess who recently celebrated her birthday? The one and only Imelda, mother to Metro FM DJ Lamiez Holworthy.
Lamiez and her siblings planned a special surprise birthday party and showered her with gifts.
She also made sure mommy dearest gets the car of her dreams – a VW VrrPha!
“Celebrated the most important woman in my life’s birthday the other day.
 “All that I am,I owe to to my mothe,”  wrote Lamiez.
Given the nature of their relationship, Imelda was fuming after a social media user dragged her children.
In her response, she made mention that her children are off-limits.
“I need to set the record straight. I had given birth to all three my children and have never said otherwise. They are my biological kids and blessed and highly favoured at that. If you want to ask or comment again with questions and negativity, I will be forced to bring out the other side of me and demonstrate where they came from.

“With all the bitterness in this world there are still bullies and story seekers out there. Come for me but leave my kids alone. Please.”
Lamiez’s Letter To Her Unborn Child
“Take a boy child to work day. Someday, someday when my pumpkin is grown enough,he must know and appreciate the hardworking woman that I am. He must know that he brought me sooo many blessings and that life didn’t stop because of him instead my life has just begun,” she wrote.
Holworthy admitted that pregnancy has had its ups and downs.
"As funny as it is, there’s a lot of changes that come with being pregnant,  physically, mentally and emotionally. Throw in the hormones, the nausea, the abdominal pains and migraines and the only thing that makes it all worth it is feeling your baby kick. Nothing could’ve ever prepared me for this journey but it is one I am so grateful for. One I prayed for and even if it gets worse, it’ll all be worth it - my child will be worth it. To every expectant mom, block out the noise and enjoy every minute of it," she wrote on her Instagram.
Her family and friends have been there for her and have been very supportive.
"Going to bed with a very grateful heart- not only am I surrounded by overwhelming love and support but my son? Our son? Our little guy is loved already and if I can be just half the mother that my mom @imeldak20 is to me,I would’ve won at this life thing." 
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