#ZAlebsNerd: DJ Sabby on the LG G2

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"What's this? A new ZAlebs feature?" Yes indeed, welcome to the first edition of the #ZAlebsNerd. We'll be reviewing the hottest gadgets and devices currently on the circuit because hey, everybody needs to know what they're getting themselves into before spending lavishly on a new gadget, right? Today we have DJ Sabby who came in to chat with us and review the exciting LG G2. If you're a techie, you'll have seen that the LG G3 was released in London this week and it looks like a beauty. It's only coming to SA in a few months but in the mean time, you can cast your eyes to last year's flagship, the LG G2. Let's see what DJ Sabby had to say about it! 


If you're not too excited about the newest Samsung or Apple devices, I'd recommend you have a look at LG's flagship model, the G2. It's a great high end smartphone, with a solid body (for all you clumsy phone users out there) a great camera and some cool features that we think everyone will love. 

Top Features: 

The LG G2 has a stunning 13mp camera and can handle any camera app you want to add to your phone such as Instagram or Aviary. It has a decent front camera too for all you Selfie Lovers out there! It shoots video in stunning 1080p too. 

The screen is also a full HD 1080 5 inch screen. The nice thing about the G2's touchscreen is that there is virtually no border, the screen takes up the length and width of the device meaning you can see every inch of your images and videos. If you travel a lot, you might want to load a few of your favorite series on your G2

I think the G2's biggest plus is it's incredible battery life. We love smartphones but they DRAIN so much energy. The G2 has no such issues and can run for a full day without a charge- even for power users. 

This G2 came pre-installed with the latest Android Kit Kat which added a few cool features including lock screen notification and a library of cool Google apps. 

The annoying things about this phone are... 

Well for starters there's no SD card slot. I'm using the 16gb model and if you're a heavy space-user you're not going to enjoy feeling so limited. 16gb is enough for 4000 songs though and about 12000 pictures (Not at the same time of course!) so it's not exactly tiny, but it would have been nice to have a little bit of extra space. 

The battery can't be removed (although if you're used to iPhones, this won't be new to you). I like to fiddle with my phones and replace batteries when they get old, but the G2's battery is firmly fixed at the back. 

This phone is for...

It's a little more business than social, but it's hard to find that line these days anyways. I think it's a great phone for anybody who wants a real value-for-money smart phone. If you're going to pay top dollar, you should be getting a top dollar phone. I personally think it's better than the S4 or the iPhone 5s (You can't compare it to the S5 because that's THIS year's model) and the phone performs beautifully. The software is clean and fast, the visuals are sharp and the camera is excellent. 

If you're new to Android, you might have to give yourself a few days to adjust. The one thing Android still needs to get right is a PROPER music player. Right now you have many options but not too many of them are as exciting as iPhone's music player. 

Which Apps would I install first on the LG G2? 

Instagram definitely! 

Flipboard, a great news collection app. 

Swiftkey, a wonderful alternative keyboard which will make your life easier. 

Rating: 8/10

Psst: Watch out for our exciting interview with the awesome DJ Sabby, coming to you soon!