DJ Sbu Breaks The Law?

A whole DJ Sbu selling Mo Faya on the side of the road

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DJ Sbu is one of the hardest working entrepreneurs we have seen in ZAlebville. His hustle is unmatched and the way he pushes his Mo Faya energy drink puts many other entrepreneurs to shame. Recently he has come under fire after he advertised his Mo Faya energy drink in the middle of very busy traffic.

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DJ Sbu recently announced that he would be quitting radio after 23 successful years behind the mic. In an interview with Daily Sun he stated, "My career has come full circle. It's 20 years old. Ove outdone myself. I didn't think I'd go this far. I'm stepping away from the mic to focus on mentoring new talent."

Since stepping back from radio, he announced that he is back to being a DJ fulltime behind the decks.

"I'm officially back on the decks fulltime! Practicing everyday of the week to keep learning & getting better. Always a student of the game. In God's name everything I set my mind to, I achieve... New journey."

Apart from his hustle as a DJ, he will also be focusing on campaigning for his baby Mo Faya. His passion drives him to push himself to unthinkable limits and we love to see it.

As part of his Monday Motivation, he posted a video of him waltzing through busy morning traffic and advertising his Mo Faya energy drink. He captioned the post, "DEAR 5AM CLUB! BELIEVE IN YOURSELF WHEN NOBODY DOESN'T.

"When chasing your dreams, Faith will keep you going. It will be exhausting. It will get lonely. They'll think you're crazy. It will hurt. It will get confusing. It will get tough. It will hurt your pockets. It will hurt your family. You will feel like giving up. DON'T! JUST KEEP GOING. IT WILL ALL MAKE SENSE ONE DAY

Some felt as though he was pushing it too far and even broke the law when doing so. Under his comments section however many applaud him for being the inspiration that he is especially for young people.

He even encouraged youngsters like Boity who want to make R69 million by April. He advised Boity that she needs to take a screenshot and and set it as her screensaver. This way she can see it everyday making her mind think it is already true.

"If you want it to come true for you guys screen grab this and make it your phone screen saver so you can see it everyday. Your subconscious mind will register it everyday as if it's already true. DON'T FORGET TO PUT IN THE WORK DAILY. ONE DAY IT WILL COME TRUE. THANK ME LATER," he advised.

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