DJ Sbu Spends Time With Veteran Actor Vusi Thanda

This follows after the actor cried for financial support

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Entrepreneur and TV host DJ Sbu has paid legendary actor Vusi Thanda a visit following a video of him pleading for financial support.

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The former Emzini Wezinsiwa has received enormous support from the public after sharing his banking details in a bid to receive financial support. According to the parody Twitter account Chris Excel,  DJ Sbu recently spent time with the actor and it appears they had a great time.

DJ Sbu is known for always empowering artists and it seems as though the actor's story touched him. It seems DJ Sbu had an interview with him as there were mics on the table and he even gave him his energy drink Mofaya.
Vusi has thanked Mzansi for helping him raise 100K in donations. Speaking to Daily Sun, the actor said it was challenging to raise the staggering amount because there were so many negative people. He said people slammed him for going public to plead for financial support.

โ€˜I am scared to talk now. I am old and I canโ€™t take such treatment from young people.โ€

Thanking people for donating the money he said, "[I want to thank those who donated for such generosity. Their donations have reached R100,000 and I am thankful for that. I donโ€™t care about those who have criticised me for asking for help from the public. These are people who called themselves friends but they were not there when I needed them. Some of them knew my situation but they never assisted me,โ€ he said. 

Vusi's touching story quickly became viral after a Facebook user Nozuko MaRhadebe shared how
"As far as am concerned, this is Tshawe from e Mzini wezintsizwa. These are the people we grew up watching in the entertainment industry. We know life is like can knock you sometimes, no one has their formula. Life has knocked him too like anyone. Please people a person's R10 can go a long way. Life is not easy for him, at times he needs to go to the clinic for treatment, and age is a problem already.
"I humble myself please no negative comments people, am not trying to be arrogant but if you are not interested just keep quiet. I will ask him to make a video with his account number to avoid a scam. Tomorrow is me that day it's you. Anyone who can help please Lords," she wrote.
The South African Guild of Actors (SAGA) has reacted to Thanda's video. Speaking to Sowetan, the National chairperson of Saga and Imbewu: The Seed actor, Jack Devnarain said of freelance labour laws are not changed, actors will continue to struggle.

โ€œWhat we saw on social media was a terrible insult to the dignity and career of such an experienced performer. It is heartbreaking that it is vulnerable performers who must suffer this humiliation. The man is clearly on the verge of being destitute.โ€  

โ€œHe is not getting a role, which is a reality that performers face at some point. This is a fate for every freelance actor. We have not acknowledged this and not amended [our] labour laws to protect freelancers.โ€ 

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