Dj Warras and Janez Vermeiren big boys who do botox

When big boys get their face beat

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Big boys do botox: Dj warras and Janez Vermeiren

Botox may be common in Hollywood but not in Mzansi but by the looks of thinks DJ Warras and Janez Vermeiren are putting an end to that.

Even though it's still quite a taboo topic in Mzansi streets, plastic surgery and all things similar are becoming much more popular amongst our ZAlebs. We know Khanyi Mbau and Mshoza got a few things nipped and tucked and lightened up. What we did not see coming were the men that enjoy a few botox injections and non-surgical procedures.

Janez Vermeiren and DJ Warras (yes Warras) have visited doctor to the stars, Dr Reza Mia this past week and have posted their treatments unashamedly. Dr Reza Mia is definitely the doctor to all the top names in SA, he has treated Shashi Naidoo, Poppy Ntshongwana and Anele to name a few.

Botox life

Warras and Janez first met the good doctor a few months ago when they shot an episode of Man Cave. After seeing good results, the men have been hooked!

Botox boys

Its good to see ZAleb males taking care of themselves but we hope the guys don't go too far and end up on an episode of botched. Warras and Janez make it look easy and we can wait to try a few fun treatments. #CallsDrRezaMia

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