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Ever wondered why Africa's number 1 DJ is always on the move and is super successful, it's because she gets the drive from her children Kairo Forbes and Asante Mohosana.

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DJ Zinhle has accomplished many things and also kills this motherhood thing. She revealed to her fans that she draws inspiration from her daughters Kairo who is six years old and Asante who is almost 6 months old.

She told TshisaLive that her babies inspire her to achieve the goals she has set out, “Definitely my beautiful babies, Kairo and Asante, fuel me. On a personal level, I guess just proving to myself that I am able to build and grow. Business and entrepreneurship are quite scary but I find so much joy in building my brands on a day to day basis so we can achieve that five to 10 year goal,” she continued.

She does not stop there, she also revealed that she would love to leave a legacy for her children, hence her hard work and determination.

She tells the publication that she plans on being “A powerful strong, successful businesswoman and mother who was able to break the stigma that women can’t do it all.”

Zinhle loves her babies but some people tend to bully her into thinking she is less because she has the two babies from two different men. She had been trolled two times by people. The first time was a woman who posted images of Zinhle, Kelly Khumalo as well as Dineo Ranaka for not being good role models to other women, because they have kids from different men. 

"These celebs have more than one child from different fathers out of wedlock.  As influencers and role models to young woman they are setting a bad example," the tweet read.

But Zinhle could not respond to something so idiotic and clapped back with a meme. 

The second time was a from a man whose YouTube channel is called Solomons Temple. He too named Zinhle a bad example, "Artists use some part of their lives to promote things, you know a lot of people were congratulating her, and were celebrating her, but I took a step back and I told myself nah I'm not gonna congratulate her, but I will celebrate the baby when it comes," he said.

"First baby with AKA unmarried, second baby (unmarried)," he said and then added that it's not a matter of imposing his belief onto others, but was just merely stating how he is unimpressed by this.

"Why have a baby when you are not ready to get married, get married before you have a baby," he said.

Zinhle once again clapped back and called the man a fool.
Zinhle will not be headed to the labour ward anytime soon, or even ever. This according to her who said she might have wanted more kids, but her body would not allow her anymore.

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