DJ Zinhle shares more on her new reality show

With a new reality show set to air on Wednesday 8 November, DJ Zinhle is said to be excited about her new project.

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What's also interesting about the show titled - It Takes a Village is that it mainly focuses on tackling social issues that are affecting young women.

It Takes a Village will only be taking place in DJ Zinhle's hometown of Danhauser in KZN, it's always great seeing artists give back to their community and helping other young women come to terms with the ups and downs of life is a great starting point.

Zinhle mentioned that the issues that the girls are going through she wouldn't necessarily say she experienced as a young woman growing up in Danhauser as her mother shielded her a lot from the outside world, but one thing she would like to tackle is the high-rate of unemployment in small towns.

"I can’t necessarily say that these are the issues I struggled with. My mother protected us a lot when we were growing up. Unemployment has always been a big issue in my town and I believe that this is a big problem nationally. Small towns do not have a lot of infrastructures which means we have limited access to information and the world, which makes getting out of a small town a big challenge." Said the DJ

Zinhle Mabena

The show will solely focus on the young women Zinhle is trying to help and there will be no other entertainment peers presenting alongside Zinhle.

Zinhle also mentioned that a lot of these young ladies experiences are quite heart-breaking and that they not only affect the girls but their families as well.

"The story of domestic abuse really shook me, and luckily not because of personal, but because it is a story that you often hear in our country and it is getting worse by the day. There are killings and it is a painful story not only for those going through it but also for their families."


Although the show hasn't even ended yet Zinhle is a firm believer that more seasons of the show have to be made.

"I do believe that this kind of show is necessary but I believe that the next season should be done by another celebrity or influential person in their hometown."

'It Takes A Village' premieres Wednesday on the 8th of November at 21h00pm on SABC 1

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