Murdah Bongz Breaks Silence On His First Child

He was once accused of being a dead beat father

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Bongani 'Murdah Bongz' Mohasana prides himself on being an extremely private person. Some may argue that his fame grew larger when he started dating DJ Zinhle who then birthed their first child together. The Black Motion group member always posts his daughter Asante Mohosana, so much to the point that people forget that he has a child from a previous relationship. The fact that Murdah never shows off his first child has people labeling him a deadbeat father.

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On the latest episode of BET's DJ Zinhle: The Unexpected, Murdah finally broke his silence about his first child and the agreement he had with the child's mother.

His son's mother had apparently asked him to not post their child and draw attention to him.

“The thing is they don’t really know what is going on. I don’t have to prove a point or anything, you know? The child’s mother asked that I don’t bring the child any unnecessary attention. So, that’s why I don’t post her,” he told his wife Zinhle.

Him not posting, or even hinting on social media that he has a child other than Asante, it's almost as if Murdah does not acknowledge the first born son. That's what trolls seem to think of him.

Musa Khawula accused Bongani of being a deadbeat father. This sparked some outrage on social media.
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Zinhle on the other hand posts AKA, the father of her first child especially on Father's Day. She got trolled for this but on her reality show, she said Murdah is not on Twitter so he does not care about all the nasty comments. She reckons that trolls always try to make her and her family look bad, “Bongani is not on Twitter, so he doesn’t care. The thing is they are always trying to make us look bad, that is the mission,” she said.

This is how fans reacted to the new episode:
Zinhle eventually lost her cool on social media following the weekly trolling she endures on Twitter. She said people who stay studying her life do not have anything better to do with their lives. 

"To those who are defending me, please REST now!!! It’s really okay… Whatever happens I’ll still have two baby daddies, so basically there’s no point...Actually I’ll do whatever I like. It’s your choice to talk about me boo. I actually don’t care. Do you! Talk about me for another week. The question is, who’s talking about you," she wrote. 

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