Murdah Bongz Allegedly Accused O Being A "Deadbeat Dad"

Twitter users react to the rumours

By  | Jun 21, 2022, 09:16 AM  | Drama

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Music producer Bongani 'Murdah Bongz' Mohasana is trending on Twitter after being accused of allegedly being a "deadbeat dad."

Murdah Bongz who has a child with DJ Zinhle, is accused of not taking care of his 1-year-old son. According to controversial entertainment blogger Musa Khawula, the music producer allegedly fathered his baby mama Lerato Matsotso, while he was hooking up with Zinhle.

"Bongani Mohasana is accused of being a deadbeat to his son who is a lil over a year old. Before being paraded by DJ Zinhle, Bongani was dating Lerato Matsoso. Their relationship started in 2014 until he started hooking up with DJ Zinhle. It is said Lerato was pregnant at the time,"
reports Musa Khawula.

DJ Zinhle is catching a stray of bullets left, right, and center for allegedly not encouraging Murdah to do the right thing, instead of abandoning his offspring.

Zinhle left Twitter users divided after she dedicated a sweet message to Murdah on Father's day, and posted AKA the same day. Zinhle who has a child with AKA, saw a debate raging on Twitter about celebrating her baby daddy.

Responding to the outrage over her posting AKA she clapped back at trolls, "May you remember your own advice when you face the same difficulties/situation that you judge others on," she wrote.

Zinhle and Murdah are going strong despite haters constantly trolling them. A couple of months ago it was reported that DJ Zinhle had allegedly paid lobola for Zinhle According to Surge Zirc South Africa, a source leaked a picture of Zinhle and Murdah dressed in what looked like customary marriage outfits. The couple is blessed with a beautiful daughter together -Asante. Earlier this year, Zinhle revealed that Murdah truly is lucky to have her as a partner, making us think that she is truly deserving of the Girlfriend of the Year award. 

She claimed that she is the best girlfriend ever, and her ex-boyfriends can vouch for that. "With me he got a girlfriend of the year, I am thee most best girlfriend. You can even ask any of my exes, they know that when it comes to girl friending, I'm the best in the game. I'm the best girlfriend anyone can ever have," she said.

Initially, she was reluctant to get married to him, but recently she revealed that they were planning to wed. Zinhle revealed this on her reality show The Unexpected

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