Tweeps Harshly Calls Out DJ Zinhle For Seeking Attention

This comes after she posted only emoji's with no context

By  | Nov 26, 2022, 08:11 PM  | DJ Zinhle  | Top of The

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Tweeps are fuming following DJ Zinhle's recent tweet, when she only posted broken hearts emoji's without any context. Outraged tweeps are calling the DJ for attention seeking and tweeps have lambasted DJ for leaving them in the dark.

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Unknowingly, DJ Zinhle has landed herself under fire following a recent tweet that she tweeted without context, according to tweeps. The outraged tweeps have since called DJ Zinhle an attention seeker, claiming that they are just about tired of celebrating tweeting without context.

The Ngisimamise hit-maker took to Twitter to expressed her broken heart, accompanied by three heart broken emojis. Little did she know that she was opening a can of worms as tweeps did not waste no time to call the DJ off for playing with their feelings.

"Heartbreaking" wrote DJ Zinhle
Although it was around the same time when DJ Zinhle also posted about DJ Sumbody, during his funeral today. However, fuming tweeps did not mince their words as they lambasted the DJ for

" need to ask. No need to wonder just move...if it does not concern you. No need to feel concerned" wrote Carme
"Now we must ask, ay nithanda I attention Maan" wrote Nono
"Hhey tsek you celebrities for tweeting broke hearts without context, now we must keep I ask you what happened!!!" wrote Chikarachu
"Like? Why not say what's wrong. Ai attention" wrote MatsNolo
Almost around the same time, DJ Zinhle also tweeted her condolences to the slain DJ Sumbody. His send off was held today where scores of industry friends, family and friends gathered to celebrate the life he has lived. DJ Zinhle tweeted her 'rest in peace; to DJ Sumbody, subsequently that tweet was also followed by the very same tweet that has landed DJ Zinhle in hot soup.

"RIP #Djsumbody" wrote DJ Zinhle
Recently, DJ Zinhle took to Kaya 959 with Sol Phenduka and Dineo Ranaka where she addressed the trolls, while inserting that she chooses not to pay attention, especially since she has a family to look after.

β€œOver the years I've just had to learn to remove myself from things that don't necessarily need me. I understand that the level of influence comes with these things, but there's also a level I've just had to remove myself from not allowing yourself to be a victim ... on a personal level. I am human and I have family I'm responsible for," said DJ Zinhle

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