Sol Phenduka Was Right About 959 Breakfast With Dineo

The show has now found its mojo.

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Sol Phenduka in recent months has been on a winning streak, so much so that the month of August was dubbed in part as “Sol season.” From disgraced radio personality who was seemingly blacklisted in the mainstream entertainment industry. The now popular podcaster and radio personality-returnee has moved out of Hillbrow, and he dresses in Nike designer sweaters with an iPhone 13 to boot. 
However, not everything during “Sol season” has been roses and fun. When he is not trying to avoid now troll and infamous Twitter personality Nhlamulo “Nota” Baloyi. He had had to defend his return to radio as the traffic commentator and co-host of the newly formed 959 Breakfast show helmed by Dineo Ranaka. A stance which has proven to have been the right one as August has come to an end and the backlash the show received at the beginning of the month, has all but subsided. 

959 Breakfast and its teething issues

In the beginning of August 2022, 959 Breakfast was the new and contentious breakfast show on Kaya 959. The radio station had let go of its hosts Thomas Msegana and Skhumba, and moved them to another time slot on the station. 

Dineo Ranaka left Metro FM to host her first ever breakfast show, and Sol Phenduka was announced as her co-host. On the one hand, the news was welcomed as it marked a change in radio trends as a podcaster could transition into radio as Sol, for most of his new fans, is known for his work as the “pun master” on Africa’s biggest podcast Podcast and Chill with MacG. 

However, on the other hand, radio listeners were interested to find out how the dynamics between Ranaka and Sol would work. First, based on the fact that Ranaka had cautioned MacG about hiring Sol as his co-host. Moreover, due to Dineo’s persona of allegedly being men-hating, and how she would accommodate Sol. A fact, which when the show was being dragged was continually highlighted and rehashed. 
Sol Phenduka was right about 959 Breakfast with Dineo

While at the height of the backlash the show was receiving for Dineo allegedly sidelining Sol, he could have easily thrown his co-host under the bus for more radio time. However, Sol was adamant on whichever platform he was invited on about a few truths he believed. 

Firstly, that the show was still new and its rhythm. Moreover, that he loves working with Dineo and that she was not actively trying to sideline him, on the contrary. Lastly, he continued to assert that constructive criticism is welcomed and that by the end of the month of August 2022, the show would be different but for the better.
A fact which has been asserted by not only the numbers, but the impact the show has had this past month. From the revival of Moneoa, as she made her first “come back” on the show, to how the dynamics of the entire team and seating composition of the show has changed. The change is so palatable that Free Sol has not turned into Sol Wase Kaya. Here is a clip of the last interview: 
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