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Trust Dr Malinga to turn the Penny Sparrow racism controversy into a catchy new song.

The entertainer took singing in his car to a whole new level when he posted three clips on Instagram of him singing a Penny-inspired song. 

Part one starts with him staring intensely at the camera.   

He then begins singing, “I love eating bananas, but I am scared. Why? Penny Sparrow will call me a monkey...and I am not a monkey.”

As if that wasn’t enough drama, Dr Malinga, who is carrying two bananas, then rips one in half with his teeth in part three of his video.

We have to admit; the song is quite catchy and might just be his next big hit? 

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Penny came under fire this week when her racist Facebook post, which described black people as "monkeys", went viral.

Dr Malinga is not the only celebrity who has voiced his opinion through music, Idols SA judge Somizi Mhlongo also had a message for Penny this week.

He drew inspiration from the mannerisms of his late father, Ndaba Mhlongo, a legendary SA comedian, for his supermarket musical. 

Check out Somizi and Dr Malinga’s Penny Sparrow-inspired songs below.

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Penny Sparrow's song #bananasong #racismmust PART2

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Penny Sparrow's songs #bananasong #racismmust LAST PART,PART 3

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