Things you didn't know about Duma Mnqobi

The Generations: The Legacy actor has come a long way.

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Duma Mnqobi

Duma Mnqobi has been able to mingle with various legendary stars in the industry from a young age, he has been in the industry for many years and we have decided to compile a list of things you did not know about the actor.

Here are some of the things you didn't know about Duma Mnqobi:

  • Duma enrolled for a Bachelor of Science degree and later went on to study music, however, he dropped out after falling into a depression.

  • He was rejected at his first Generations audition.

Duma Mnqobi
  • Duma writes poetry and music.

"When there were talent shows, I used to sing because of the ladies...I wanted their attention a bit, but it was also to gain a certain popularity so that I can feel more confident because I was also a quiet guy..."

  • The actor is a single father of a nine-year-old boy.

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