Zakwe And Duncan Working On A Joint Album

The two want to bring Ambitiouz and Mabala Noise together

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Rappers Duncan Skuva and Zakwe have teamed up on a joint album and have recorded 14 songs thus far. According to Daily Sun, the pair say the purpose of this album is to bring the two feuding record labels Ambitiouz Entertainment and Mabala Noise together.

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Listeners can expect to hear about their individual journey's in the music industry as well as the highs and lows they have faced.

"It’s a strictly hip-hop album with a kasi touch. On this album, we’re talking about our journey in the music industry. We’re also talking about the challenges and the highs and lows of the music industry. So far we have made 14 songs and we hope to make at least 20, but this doesn’t mean all of them will make onto this album," explained Zakwe.

They have not given the album a title as yet but they expect to release it in November.

The album also aims at strengthening relationships between the two feuding recording labels Ambitiouz Entertainment and Mabala Noise. Zakwe says that the aim is to strengthen the working relations as the lack of collaborating has created beef between them

"It’s also important for me to clarify that this is a music project between Afrotainment and Mabala Noise. The intention is to strengthen our working relations. For a long time we haven’t been doing collaborations and this created a void between us. The reality is that we’ve missed each other and that’s why we are starting with these collaborations," said Zakwe.

Zakwe told the publication that this album will be a game changer and all the songs have become a game changer.

"We should have done this a long time ago, but we were both committed. I’m glad we’ve finally managed to do this. For me this is the best hip-hop collaboration and I have no doubt it will take hip-hop to another level. The songs on this album are both educational and motivational. All the songs were written by us," he told the publication.

A few days ago, the record labels have gone on a twar with each other bragging about the artists they have signed.

Their twar started when Ambitiouz Entertainment bragged about being the biggest recording company currently, because their artists are topping charts.

Reigning on their parade, Mabala Noise called them out for their 'unnecessary bragging' trolling them about being the cause of a cold Spring season.

Even though names were not mentioned, the two record labels felt attacked and a twar ensued. You know how the saying goes; If the shoe fits, wear it!

"You see this thing of people saying they are the number one record label in SA unprovoked? Now it’s a cold day in #Spring," Mabala Noise said trolling AE.

Ambitiouz Entertainment then responded by saying their music is trash, "This happened because your music emits CO2 and contributes to climate change."

Hopefully, the two artists will be able to bring the record companies together for the sake of peace.

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