South African Celebrities With Tattoos

These are utterly ink-redible designs

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Have you ever looked at somebody’s tattoo and thought “what on earth were you thinking”? Well, so have we. And it’s even more wild because for all intents and purposes, tattoos are meant to be permanent (they can be removed but it’s not exactly the easiest or cheapest procedure). 

Either way, we don’t really get to have any say in what people choose to ink on their skin, no matter how strongly we feel against them. So the best we can do is to come up with a list of the most interesting tattoos. They are not all strange or dumb-sounding. 

Here is a list of our fav South African celebrities with tattoos . 

Khanyi Mbau

First name on our list of South African celebrities with tattoos is none other the oh so controversial Khanyi Mbau. The media sensation has a few interesting pieces and one definitely caught our eye, not so much because of its content, but more so because of its location.  

In early 2021, the actress shared a picture of herself in a bodysuit on Twitter. Of course, she looked smoking hot – she is Khanyi after all. But that wasn’t the thing that caught everyone’s attention.

Picture source: @mbaureloaded Instagram

Fans immediately noticed a tattoo peeking out from underneath her bodysuit, and the interesting part is that it is positioned right above her honeypot. 

Of course the zoom gang was immediately present, but probably didn’t yield enough to know what the ink portrays. It did still get some interesting reactions on social media though.


Nothing Emtee does is basic or regular, so of course the musician earned his spot on the list of South African celebrities with tattoos because of his ink-redible pieces. After he got hugely successful and got two Mercedes Benz cars, he decided he loved the brand so much that he got a tattoo of the logo on his neck.

But then this is where it got messy. Emtee had a falling out with his then record label, Ambitiouz Entertainment. It got so messy it resulted in the label reclaiming all his awards and the two Mercs that he got while they were representing him.

Picture source: @emteethehustla Instagram

The rapper also made head waves when he got a face tattoo. Although many people did not seem to agree with his decision, fellow rappers began to follow suite and get face tattoos as well. 

Nasty C

Nasty C is no doubt a great rapper – probably one of Mzansi’s greatest at this point. But it looks like he bought his own hype so much that he went overboard. 

In 2020, the rapper got a tattoo of the album he had just released, Zulu Man With Some Power,  on his stomach. 

Fans were confused because a trend like that would make no sense. Seriously, if he got the name of every album tattooed on his body, he would run out of skin pretty fast. Writing and releasing albums is, after all, his career. But to each his own, I guess. Anyways, Nasty C definitely belongs on this list of South African celebrities with tattoos.

Picture source: @nasty_csa Instagram

Atandwa Kani 

It is not uncommon for people (even celebrities) to get tattoos of their idols, and our ZAlebs are guilty of doing it too – like AKA who recently got a big tattoo of the late Michael Jackson’s face on his arm.

Wild At Heart star Atandwa Kani played a great young T’Challa, alongside his doppelganger, the late Chadwick Boseman. Since the legendary actor passed away, Atandwa chose to honour him with ink, and we cannot say there is anything more beautiful and heartwarming than this.

Picture source: @atandakwani Instagram

Mihlali Ndamase

Beauty influencer and YouTube sensation Mihlali Ndamase has one tattoo whose story is not just interesting, but super inspiring as well. She has a cute little tattoo of a semicolon behind her ear.

She got the ink in 2018 after she lost her father to suicide. It serves as a reminder that she is still here, and as she said, she means for it to be a beacon of hope for others who have considered taking their lives. 

The fashion and beauty influencer also has a very distinct tattoo that goes across both her legs. She has her birth year as well a what looks to be a tiger on her calf muscles.


There you have it. Some are sweet but others are just plain odd. Would you get any of these tattoos or copy the concept behind them? 

Also let us know who else you think belongs on our list of South African celebrities with tattoos list?
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