AKA Inks His Idol On His Body

This is another level of idolising

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AKA has inked another tattoo of Michael Jackson and fans cannot deal. The rapper already had a tattoo of a younger Michael Jackson, but now he has decided to ink an older Michael.

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The rapper has decided to let people know who he idolises the most, other than himself of course and it is the late pop star Michael Jackson. AKA got inked by Brad Pretorius who own the tattoo parlour Royal Ink Tattoo Studio.

AKA revealed that he first got a tattoo of the original younger MJ, then now he gets to ink the older one who is also his favourite, "Original MJ & my favourite MJ … a lot can happen in a lifetime."

Before this AKA revealed that he was diagnosed with clinical depression and thanked Kanye West for helping him come out. ”F**k it…I need to let this to be known. Especially [with] so many people fighting every day. I was diagnosed with clinical depression many months ago.”

AKA then said the medication he was prescribed made him feel numb as opposed to having emotions which is his job, “I was put on meds but couldn't handle them. They made me feel like I couldn't feel anything so I got off them. Plus my whole job is to feel.”

“To anybody reading this just hang in there…Trust me,” he encouraged.
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His mother Lynn Forbes even commended her son for owning up to his depression and also shed some light on the disease by sharing a blog post. “Last night Kiernan spoke up about being diagnosed with clinical depression and living with depression for many months. Speaking about something this personal requires so much courage,” she wrote.

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"I read this Blog post on @pathlightbh a couple of months ago, and now it seems like the right time for me to share extracts from it. I hope it helps someone else to speak up about their struggle with depression and that we can all be more accepting, be more loving and caring and show more empathy to those living with depression."

AKA recently made headlines after his baby mama DJ Zinhle revealed that he wants to be a part of her daughter Asante's life.

“I spoke to Kiernan about the baby. He said I’m quite a rebel. ‘You have another kid, with another man’. He said "your family must think you are such a problem,” Zinhle laughed.

According to Zinhle, AKA said he feels just because he has a child with Zinhle, it kind of feels like Asante is also his child, “He said I need to know the details, so I said okay it is a girl. He said I was hoping for a boy, sit. My brother, it is not your baby and he said it kind of feels like it is my baby, I said wow, that is crazy,” she added.

“He said well obviously Bongani has a relationship with Kairo. So you guys can’t ask me not to have a relationship with this one,” she added.

Zinhle did point out that Murdah is not in a hurry for the blended family setup, “Bongani is baby steps because I won’t lie… I thought Bongani is going to be the easy one about this whole thing and I thought Kiernan would be difficult but actually it is the other way around,” said DJ Zinhle.

“Kiernan is more open to the idea of having this family but Bongani is just taking his time. He is not in a rush and I also need to respect Bongani’s wishes and how he wants to roll this whole thing out,” she said.

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