Did Black Coffee Just Respond To The Hand Incident?

He has no time for haters

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Enhle Mbali Mlotshwa's life has been under the South African microscope ever since she and Black Coffee called their marriage quits, their messy divorce has been a hot topic in these streets and it doesn't seem Enhle Mbali Mlotshwa will get any peace at all.

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What started as an innocent joke from Enhle on her Instagram Stories, when she posted about her new man stroking her thigh, quickly turned into drama and Tweeps dragged poor Black Coffee into the mix. Enhle Mbali posted the Stories while she was on set and shared a light joke with her colleague while playing with a black severed hand.
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When the news of her joke reached Tweeps, they immediately decided that Enhle was dragging the father of her kids and making fun of his disability. When Enhle learnt about this, she quickly took to Twitter to dispel these ugly assumptions and scold anyone who even thought of the idea.

The starlet didn't mince her words and made it absolutely clear that it was wrong for people to make fun of Black Coffee as they did, she further reiterates that, as much as she and the King of House Music are together, he is still the father of her kids. Clearly outraged, she further lambasts Tweeps calling their actions stupid and outright stupid. Enhle put on her mothering skills to discipline the childish behaviour that was shading her ex-husband and demanded Tweeps to "STOP IT!". "The post I made was from set, stop it! Why ninje (are you all like this), that we constantly have to pull each other down as a black people it is embarrassing." said an annoyed Enhle.

Enhle Mbali and Black Coffee have been married since 2011, they tied the knot in a beautiful wedding traditional and white wedding in Soweto. They got engaged the previous year, in 2010. Their divorce is currently on hold due to Enhle's demands that Black Coffee should settle her legal fees first, which amount to R4 million for her legal fight with the DJ. Then the international house DJ/producer is to pay a monthly maintenance fee of more than R100 000, which is combined with child support. An insider told the publication that Enhle is also seeking compensation for her medical expenses.

Regardless of their ongoing divorce and separation, Enhle maintains that she will always respect the father of her children and will make sure to protect her family from outside attacks, like this one.

Some Tweeps didn't believe she was sincere however and that she knew exactly what she was doing.

At the time of the incident Black Coffee didn't comment on it and went about his business. Well, he has posted a picture of him and Euphonik laughing. Clearly he is out there living his best life and laughing at all his haters.

Do you think Enhle posted that hand on purpose?

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