"Get Well Soon" - Troll Tells Enhle Mbali After Rebrand

The actress has clapped back at the nasty troll

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Enhle Mbali Mlotshwa has rebranded and introduced herself as a new woman. Most people take it as a sign when a woman shaves her head and goes bald. For Enhle, her marital problems have been displayed for the whole world to see. Even her personal love life takes centre stage but she has decided to tell her story, her way.

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Enhle recently took to Instagram to show off her new look and went half naked for an emotional and empowering post. She shaved her head bald and reintroduced herself as a Tswana woman.

“Bald-headed like a full moon shining. This is me. In my most raw state. I AM MBALENHLE MLOTSHWA MODISE MOGASE. Tswana girl from Soweto. My life from the beginning was never easy, although I wear it gracefully. I am a product of strong women and I myself am one. My imperfections have permanently created perfect lessons. A squire once told me it’s you story!! You right it!! You control it!! The first page is today rightfully so beza…. LET THE STORY BEGIN,” she wrote.

She was met with positive responses from fans but others decided to reign on her parade by saying she is going through a lot.

"Uyagowaaa Mbali (you are going through it) hope u get well soon," said a troll.

But Enhle wanted to make it clear that she really is not and questioned why people want to see her sad, "nope not at all my lovey. The most joyful Iv ever been. You want me to gowa? I don’t get it?"

Responding to another fan who defended her, Enhle said, "evidently babes… because she does it when she gowas, now we must all suffer… yuuuu Mzansi."

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The divorce with world renowned DJ Black Coffee, took centre stage when it came to her life. They had numerous back and forths on social media. However, Enhle is now said to be an alleged home wrecker after a wife claimed her husband was having an affair with the Blood Psalms actress.

Enhle was having a fun filled day with her sons when a troll said she went with Justice Huni, "Ey ngoba wena... busuhamba nale ndoda yabantu ke lapha." translated to, "You're going out with another woman's man."

Enhle clapped back, "shame nana, you feel better? Your pull her down syndrome won’t work on me, not because of any special, but because God!! so go live, your, miserable life, and try find him. Then there will be no need to make the next person feel inferior. You will be full from the Inside Out."

The troll did not stop there and responded by saying, "you're so quick ukufaka uNkulunkulu (to include God)... why ungacabanganga ngo nkulunkulu (are you not thinking about God) when you were fu*king someone else's husband... kahle mft if there's anyone pulling another woman down is you. You're still beautiful though."

Enhle took legal action against Bango and claimed her allegations put a strain on her income. Leaked court papers seen by Sunday World allegedly show that Enhle allegedly admits to being the woman in the said recording. In the papers, Enhle also allegedly revealed that not only her reputation took a knock, her career also suffered as a result of the drama. 

“The harassment is ongoing and has major implications with regard to my safety as well as my career being at a standstill due to my public standing. She calls consistently without reason, hurling insults and cursing at me. I would like for all this to be stopped," she allegedly said in the papers.

“The harassment has cost me contracts where I am an ambassador to major brands and corporations within the republic and abroad. As such, it is urgent to cease further damage to my reputation and brand.” 

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