eTV Scandal!'s Timmy and YV - an iconic duo in the making

This character definitely needs more screen time 

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eTV Scandal!'s Timmy and YV

There are three characters on the eTv soapie, Scandal!, that give us life; Dintle (played by Mapaseke 'Pasi' Koetle), Yvonnve 'YV' Thebe (played by Kgomotso Christopher) and Timothy (played by Charlie Bouguenon). 

Not that we're tribalist or anything but when these three go off in Sotho, it just brightens up our day. 

Timothy is the concierge at the fictional Newtonian Hotel and one of YV's closest allies. He also keeps an eye on Romeo Medupe and all the shady things that boy gets up to. 

As concierge, he gets to see everything that goes on in the hotel and he loves to gossip with YV about all that he sees. She then uses the info he gives her in all her little schemes. 

It also doesn't hurt that Timmy (as YV calls him) is kinda cute and incredibly hilarious.  

And that is why Timmy needs more screen time. He and YV are an iconic duo in the making, they just need to pull off something big. As she settles into her new life as Siseko Langa's second wife, and his first wife, Boniswa, makes her life a living hell, we're sure she's going to need Timmy now more than ever. 

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