Exclusive: The Royalty Soapie Awards are back

Their back and their doing it bigger and better than before

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Winnie Ntshaba

After taking a two years break to re-evaluate their impact in the arts industry, the Royalty Soapie Awards are back and they are back with a bang with this years theme being “we are more, beyond the glitz and the glamour”, we caught up with the founder of the awards, Winnie Ntshaba, who gave us a scoop on why they took the two year break and what you can expect from this years RSA’s.

Although Winnie was mum about the ceremony during their two-years break, Winnie says that she and her team have been thinking of ways to make the awards bigger and more impactful to the youth

“We had to sit and think, what can be done to benefit the communities, we didn't want to come with the one night glitz and glamour event...there is a programme, the acting skills development programme that we’re going to launch one the 16th of June that speaks to developing he youth in underprivileged communities, teaching them about the arts, the technical side, the careers, and also we want them to run their own production houses so we have a bigger mandate, we have a bigger plan”

Winnie went on to add that she was glad that her investors insisted on expanding the ceremony as it has always been in her heart to contribute into the arts and will be launching a foundation on the night of the event

“Coming from our stakeholders, they told us that: “we cant be giving you money every year for a one day event, do something” but it’s always been in my heart to expand and do something that will benefit our community positively so I thought: ‘yes, let the royal soapie awards give birth to the royalty soapie foundation, which is now going to run with the programme”

The panel of judges have been judging from last year till now, and Winnie says there’s a lot to be expected from the event, here are this years Royalty soapie awards nominees:

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