Faith Nketsi-Njilo's Marriage Is Not On Ice!

The specualtions comes after the Reality TV star removed her husband's surname on IG

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Reality TV star Faith Nketsi-Njilo comes under social media scrutiny yet again following her social media modification bio. tweeps are breathing down Nketsi-Njilo's neck once again after she removed her husband's surname, Nzuzo Njilo.

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While still defending her body to be natural against all the claims that Nketsi-Njilo has been touched an angel. Another topic came to her direction, following of her her husband's surname on her Instagram bio. Evidently, scores of tweeps are certainly not convinced that Nketsi-Njilo's body is as how God presented her with.

She has been fighting trolls tooth and nail since last night in an attempt to rubbish claims of having gone under the knife for Brazilian Butt Lift and rib removal surgery.

"It’s your fave saying I SAID I don’t want my bbl anymore for me . My babes, my body is top tier and there’s no question there! I know it and I LOVE IT!  always been since I was 15 AND WILL ALWAYS BE. No surgeon can claim this masterpiece. Ok? OK" wrote Faith Nketsi-Njilo
Exactly nine months ago, Nketsi-Njilo came under fire for removing her husband's surname on her Instagram bio soon after they got married. The observant social media users did not let things slide as they posed burning questions to the Have Faith reality star.

Rumors were already swirling around that the Njilo's marriage was already on ice. However, Faith Nketsi-Njilo was kind enough to dignify all the speculations and allegations with answers surrounding the status of her marriage to Nzuzo Njilo.

Nketsi-Njilo has once again been met with tough questions surrounding her marriage and the removal of her husband's surname on social media.

"Faith kuthiwa your marriage is in trouble because you removed njilo surname on Instagram" wrote Victoria Mokwena
"Faith Nketsi is no okay, she has also removed her husbands surname Njilo on her bio. Maybe the marriage is not marriaging" wrote JoziTube
Faith Nketsi's marriage is certainly not on ice and she wasn't shy to voice the reason as to why was her husband's surname removed. Although this once raised eyebrows and still continues to do so on social but Nketsi answered how she saw fit.

"Lol you guys are so observant. Well I haven't changed it on my ID so I'll bring it back after that. I realized I actually want to soak that moment in when it happens" wrote Faith Nketsi
Faith Nketsi-Njilo's IG Story

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