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Who is Flabba?
Flabba is a rapper from a group called Skwatta Kamp, one of SA's biggest Kwaito/Hip-Hop Groups who have been around for over 10 years now.
Have you always enjoyed the art of music? 
Yes I have. It started while I was in highschool- I grew up listening to a lot of music and a career in it just made sense.
When did your music career begin? 
I have been at it since the year 2000
What kind of encouragement did you receive from your family?  
Well they would always back me up, they would always support me 
Three weeks ago, Skwatta Kamp performed at Zone 6 (The Venue). It had been a while since Skwatta Kamp performed on one stage, what was the motive behind that show?
Well it was our way if celebrating 10 years of Mkhukhu Function. MF was the first youth-produced hip hop album to hit platinum status in South Africa.  We had the honor of saying that we are the group that put South African Hip Hop  where it is right now, so we wanted to celebrate that.
Can your fans expect any live performances/shows from Skwatta Kamp again?
Yes, we will be performing on the 1st of December. The venue just hasn't been confirmed yet.
Can we expect any album from Skwatta Kamp?
Well im really hoping so! I hope that we sit down and work together again .
Where would you most like to perform? 
I would love to perform in Nigeria.
Who would you most like to open for? 
I would really love to open for Jay Z, because of the amazing work that he has done.
What is the most embarrassing thing that has happened on stage?
Well a lot has happened! You find people tripping over and making clumsy mistakes. But nothing embarrassing has happened to me.


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