I Am Still Here: Florence Masebe Survives Being Shot 40 Times

Florence Masebe reflects on that tragic day

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South African actress Florence Masebe was shot 40 times on August 18, 1999.
Twenty-three years later Florence reflects on that tragic day that almost claimed her life.
She says she bothered nobody and yet they shot her and disappeared into thin air.
“They were so sure... They didn't realise that this was a rare lioness. All those bullets pumped into her body and this young woman survived. She lived! I live!

“23 years on, I find this date still creeps in on me with a peculiar urge to recognise the victory... I did not die on August 18, 1999. I am Florence Masebe and I am still here.”
Florence continues: “I am here, beautiful scars and all. I remain grateful for life. 20 years on, I am thankful that I was able to rise again and not let the shooting define me.
In an Instagram from two years ago, the actress mentioned something that was heartbreaking by revealing how her 4-year-old saw in a pool of blood.

"There will come a time when I no longer remember what happened to me on this day in 1999. The scars are a beautiful reminder of what did not happen. I did not die. I am here. In a song for Amadou Diallo, @wyclef asks "Have you ever been shot 41 times?" My answer is Yes, SIR! And I did not die. I still play this song a lot It's been 21 years. In a few days my daughter turns 25. She saw me in a pool of my own blood in our driveway on August 18th 1999. No 4 year old should see that. My victory song is louder every year.'

Florence Masebe was shot at 40 times outside her home on the 18th of August in 1999. The actress had to undergo several operations to remove the bullets, she was hospitalised for weeks but survived the traumatic incident. 
“Where fear could have ruled, I chose to focus on being alive.
According to the latest crime stats released,  in the last 3-months of 2021, over 900 women were murdered.
In addition, there were 1 240 murder attempts on women.
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