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There are only three days left until reality TV show, Forever Young, returns for another season of laughter, tears, and a whole lot of fun.

Thomas, Scoop, and Lungile Radu are inviting viewers into their crazy world again, following the success of season one. 

And in true entertainment style, the show's production company, Parental Advisory Production, has encouraged Forever Young viewers to post their own version of the show’s catchy theme song. We must say, the show has a few creative fans out there.

Here are our favourite Forever Young theme song acapella versions.

Sitting at number one is this young lady who decided to show her guitar and vocal skills. Hmm... maybe she should feature on one of their episodes? Yes? No? Maybe?

Forever Young on the guitar strings

Then there was this group of friends! We can't put our finger on it, but there's just something so fun about how they created this version of the song. Check the lady in the top left corner of the video - she was having so much fun with the song she forgot to sing.

Forever Young Quartet 

Some didn't even need to sing the song. The beatboxing sound coming out of this gentleman's mouth was enough to make us bop our heads with a smile.

Forever Young beatboxing

Hai Hai Hai... we have no words for this guy, though! 

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