Generations The Legacy: Thabi snatches Smanga's soul

This one is for the books.

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Tshidi and Smaga are forever doing the deed but did you see Thabi in action last night.

On Tuesday nights episode of Generations The Legacy: Thabi and Smanga by far took things to another level. 

The two kept all our eyes glued to the screen when they were about to get it on. This scene was as disturbing as Jack Mabaso and Tshidi's kiss.

Thabi received the respect of many when she revealed her bedroom skills to the entire nation, she knew exactly which buttons to press, how to press them and damn she did the things to him.

If you were watching Tuesday night's episode with your parents we feel sorry for you because the scene was really 

Radio presenter and actress Motsoaledi Setumo plays the role of Thabitha Cele.

For those of you who haven't been watching Generations for a minute, here's how Thabi plays into the storyline:

Thabi with the help of Jack Mabaso is back to make Tau Mogale's life a living hell and to make him pay for revenge after Tau killed her brother Abe Cele. The sexy model is going under cover with instructions from Mr Mabaso and is using her charm and sex appeal to get what she wants.


As part of her plan, she seduces Smanga and gets really close to him with the hopes of getting access to the Moroka house, where she can be even closer to Tau. Last nights sex scene with Smaga took everyone by surprise.

When Thabi tied herself up and made herself a sex slave for Smanga we knew that 1; Smanga's soul was going to get snatched out of him because he's all about kinky bedroom activities and 2; viewers were going to have a hard time dealing with such an x-rated scene.

Generations might just find themselves in a bit of trouble if these sex scenes continue.

It's just too much...

Some of us are still recovering from this candle light aphrodisiac anyway...


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