Gigi Lamayne Sickened By Silent Celebs

"The silence and lack of a moral compass is sickening"

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The death of Collins Khosa has left many outraged and saddened, especially by the lack of noise people who have the platform are making.

40-year-old Collins was killed after an alleged altercation with the SANDF and metro officers in his home in Johannesburg.

Looking at the amount of protesting and how vocal Americans are along with their celebrities, Gigi Lamayne  was left disheartened at the silence our ZAlebs have been engaged in.

The rapper is sickened by the disregard the entertainment industry has over the citizen's death, but they are very much engaged in America's affairs.

She went on a Twitter rant lambasting entertainers who remain mum over his untimely death.

She reckons how SA celebs copy the American way but will not copy how they stand united for the cause.

"I’m not here for your industry. It’s done me dirty many a time. When I say public figures must speak up on #CollinsKhosa its times like this. Since we copy so much from Americans, can we at least also copy how their celebs stand with the people? I know it’s “not paying” but wow!" she exclaimed.

She then did a thread on how black people worldwide are in trouble and what she thinks can be done but also to celebrate people's blackness on and off social media.

Read the thread below:

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