Gomora: Tweeps Inspired By Ntokozo's Debate!


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It's debate season at Gomora Secondary and it's been nothing short of drama. From Teddy fumbling his speech and then bouncing back with Buhle being his translator, to having Langa rub his private school twang in everyone's faces - it's been wild.

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In last night's episode, it was Langa up against Ntokozo and the latter finally met his match.

The topic was, "Did Nelson Mandela and the ruling party sell out Black South Africans?"

Langa argued that he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and that he's been afforded equal opportunities as his white counterparts. He thanked Nelson Mandela for the freedom he has today.

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Ntokozo argued this, asking the audience the look at the percent of the wealth in South Africa that is owned by blacks.  He stressed that former president Nelson Mandela and his government failed us. His reason was that the black people of this country, which are the majority, only own seven percent of the country's wealth and nly 14% of the country's land is owned by the state.

According to Ntokozo, the promises made on the freedom charter have not been.

Check out some of the reactions from Tweeps below.

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