Halala! Murdah Bongz Confirms Marrying DJ Zinhle?

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DJ Zihle and Murdah Bongz have arguably become one of Mzansi's favourite couples in ZAlebville.

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The pair went public in 2021 and they are constantly winning the hearts of many people with their relationship goals. It seems Murdah has confirmed that he has wifed her.

Taking to his Instagram stories, the DJ posted a picture of DJ Zinhle flanked by his fans at a gig and gushed over her. He captioned the story "My Wife.... MaMahosana."

A couple of months ago, rumours made the rounds that Murdah had apparently sent his uncles to the Jiyane family to do the right thing.

According to Surge Zirc South Africa, a source leaked a picture of Zinhle and Murdah dressed in customary marriage outfits. Zinhle wore a long, colorful dress and a doek. Murdah wore a jacket and the picture spoke a thousand words. That's because normally a groom would wear a jacket when he's at the bride's house.

The couple is constantly gushing over each other on social media and they are not blessed with a beautiful daughter together -Asante. It was a few months ago when Zinhle revealed that Murdah is very fortunate to have her in his life, making us think that she deserves the Girlfriend of the Year award. She revealed that she is the best girlfriend ever and her exes can even attest to this.

"With me he got a girlfriend of the year, I am thee most best girlfriend. You can even ask any of my exes, they know that when it comes to girl friending, I'm the best in the game. I'm the best girlfriend anyone can ever have," she said.

Initially, she was reluctant to get married to him, but recently she revealed that they were planning to wed. Zinhle revealed this on her reality show The Unexpected. She also spoke about the experience of them being parents and the involvement of AKA and Kairo, Zinhle said

“This is a different experience with Bongani who is completely amazing. I just need to be in it with a new energy. As scary as it felt, it just felt good to be with someone who is so reassuring, someone who is there.”

Zinhle was recently accused of influencing Murdah to split up with his group member Thabo Smol. In a joint statement, they denied the rumours and said they are not splitting, but rebranding.

“Spirit Motion would like to state on record that Black Motion members Thabo Muhogwane uka Smaland Bongan Mohosana aka Mordah Bongs have not parted ways. Black Motion still exist and has plans for more years to come.” 

“The only change which does not affect the dan is that Murdan has rebranded himself from Murdah to Mörda. This is because he is preparing to launch his sole career as a DJ, but still remains part and parcel of Black Motion.”

Zinhle rubbished rumours that she was behind this. “"Next thing y’all are gonna blame me for the increase in petrol prices…Minding my business, my business is  @erabydjzinhle & these new necklaces & earrings we just launched. Nami athi ngibhale #zinhle Weeee."

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