“I Am Not Coming To Terms With It At All,"- Menzi Ngubane’s Wife

She is still struggling to come to terms with his loss.

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 It's been two years since the untimely passing of prolific South African Menzi Ngubane and his wife, Sikelelwa “Sikie” Ngubane is still struggling to come to terms with his loss.

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Ngubane succumbed to a stroke on 13 March 2021. Speaking to Zimoja Lezinto, Sikelelwa said she had been receiving counseling to cope with her loss and grief.

His family launched his documentary,Ngubs — The Life and Times of Menzi 'ngubs' Ngubane last year. Speaking about the doccie, Sikelelwa said.

“South Africa is notorious for not giving props while people are still alive, we do it when they pass. For my sanity and the family as a whole, we need to make sure that he is not forgotten. He loved and respected his craft. I would love upcoming artists to learn from him, support or no support, we shall continue,” she told ZiMoja.

Sikie says she is still struggling to adjust to life without her husband. “This year is hitting me hard because I think last year was busy with unveilings and documentaries,” she says.

“It’s only now that I realize that my husband has passed. I thought I had dealt with it. I mourned him for the whole year and then prepared to remove the mourning clothes and worked on the unveiling with his father and work on the doccie. I thought I was okay. This year, everything is calm, and I realize that I am not okay, at all.”

Paying tribute to Menzi at his funeral service, Sikie said: “Myeni wami, sthandwa Sami, Dali, Ngcukumani, Somahhashi, Mbomvo, Nomaci, Nzombane, Nomasikisiki, Myaluza, Ngongozabantu,

You promised me that we will be together until we are 100 years but you broke that promise. I am so lost without you. We had so many plans Dali, uthi ngenze njani manje? I remember when I saw you on Yizo Yizo, I was 16 years old and I said “there is my husband” and the universe agreed."

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“We met in 2004 at SABC, we dated, life happened and we parted ways. In 2013 May you walked into my office, I couldn’t believe that after all these years we will ever cross paths again, but God had his plans,” 

She thanked him for loving her and said she doubted she will ever be the same again.

“It was the beginning of our lives together. The most important, the happiest years of my life. Thank you for loving me, you made me feel so special. You have set the bar so high no man will be able to reach it. I am broken and it will take time to go back, I doubt I will ever be the same again”

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