Idols SA: Top 3’s best songs

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Mmatema, Rhema, and Karabo all sang their hearts out on Sunday night for a place in the top two, but ultimately, there can only be one winner.

Fans are split over who they think will take home the more than R1.2-million in prizes, including a recording deal with Universal Music.

Season 11 of Idols SA has to be the best season we've seen.

Just about everyone in the Top 10 was good enough to take home the title, and fans showed their love by voting in record numbers.

It's difficult to say who from the top three will be crowned the winner, and it all boils down to who has the biggest fan base. 

If you haven't made up your mind yet, here are some of the top three's best performances. 

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Rhema Varrie might come across as a bit shy on stage, but his vocals are on point. The church boy from Alberton in Johannesburg received mixed reviews from the judges on Sunday. Judge Somizi Mhlongo told Rhema he needs to "put Bible and imphepho together” if he hopes to make it to the top two. Despite the criticism, Rhema’s fans have voted in their numbers. Can they do it again? 

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Mmatema Moremi is a star in the making. At 23 years old, Mmatema has one of the strongest voices in the competition. She takes on big songs with ease and is a natural performer. But fans have criticised her for being too predictable with her song choices, and some have even accused her of screaming at times. There is no question about it, Mmatema is a force to be reckoned with. But will the girl from Zebediela in Limpopo be South Africa’s next Idol?

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Since entering the top 10, Nelspruit’s Karabo Mogane has proved that he has one of the best voices in the competition. He is often praised for his soulful sound, which no doubt draws female fans in like a magnet. Some young fans have described his soulful vibe as boring, but there is no denying his amazing talent. Out of all the contestants, Karabo has made the best song choices, but is it enough for a top two spot?

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