Ifani Dragged For Shading Cassper And AKA

"Focus on reviving your music career"

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Rapper Ifani has once again taken a swipe at his nemesis AKA and this time included Cassper Nyovest in the mix. The saying 'an enemy of my enemy is a friend,' but that does not work with Ifani.

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Ever since making a comeback to the entertainment scene, Ifani had one mission in mind, and that was prove AKA wrong. He has arguable resurrected his rap career but AKA's "rubbish artist" comment does not sit well with him.

He got dragged recently for taking jabs at rivals Cassper and AKA when he dissed them about their fight which is yet to take place, if it ever will. He asked whether the fight had taken place already and referred to them as little boys. "Wait wait...Has AKA fought Cassper yet? Results? Andinophoswa ngumlo wamakhwenkwe (I don't want to miss small boy's fights," he asked.

He is referring to the infamous boxing match between the two rivals that has since been cancelled. Cassper wanted to settle his differences with AKA after he dissed his parents.

Ifani and AKA are not the best of friends and they have always taken jabs at each other. It all started a few years back, when AKA shaded Ifani's album saying it reached gold status because Redds bought 2000 copies.

After going MIA for some time, Ifani decided to shade AKA and tweeted an image of a man walking saying, "Let me go tell AKA. I'm back from DEAD," He later tweeted and said "Eish, I forgot my mask," with the person walking back.

AKA did not respond, so he decided to take a dig again, "When I left the game I disappointed people...my people. Now I'm back To disappoint the people I left In the game. Your people...No, I'm lying, ONE people: Super Mega," he tweeted.
Speaking to Slikour, Ifani said he lost it all when he quit making music. About 6 years ago, the rapper stopped making music and he regrets his decision.
He said that people around him were very disappointed at the news that he had quit and walked away from his dreams.

"I have disappointed a lot of people, my entire family is disappointed in me. I have disappointed my fans, I have disappointed my baby mommas, I have two now, they don’t want to see me.  And the main thing they talk about is 'why aren't you working? Why are you chilling at home. There I am chilling at home, doing nothing.

"For that disappointment I want to say I am sorry. My career was supposed to blossom. Take Xhosa to overseas, I had dreams but all of a sudden I said No," he said.

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