Isithembiso's Lungelo Nxele offers knowledge about the television market

The actress wants to make the local television market great again.

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One of the sharpest minds in the entertainment industry, a creative and academic Lungelo Nxele (nee Dhladhla) is hosting the 4th annual Africa Television Market in Durban.

Lungelo is popularly known for her leading roles in dramas and films such as uGugu no Andile, Soul City, Dream World Intersexions before joining the star-studded cast of Isithembiso. With a SAFTA and AMAA to her name, Lungelo is a force in the acting industry. A passionate entertainer, community builder and at 29 years old, she has a Masters Degree in Commerce. 

In the past four years, Lungelo has embarked on a wonderful project known as the Africa Television Market Conference that consists of five features; tele-dialogues, channel stations, actor factor, taste for TV, & Africa television mentorship.

"This project is basically about regrouping the television industry in Africa and we're talking and engaging about the challenges and opportunities that are within the industry. We're looking at specifically at the business of the television industry, not exactly at the acting or the fame but how the television industry can have an impact on the economic growth of Africa as a whole."


The actress strongly believes that the television industry has a great impact and also affects other industries such as tourism, hospitality and many others that benefit from the television industry hence that is why she has taken on this initiative to open a dialogue about the TV industry and how it can be improved upon not only in South Africa but in Africa as a whole.

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"I think what's always important for me is that when you've got a problem in the industry, you need to talk to the people and find out where they are in terms of their mindset and status and therefore from there we can build from that, to create content for television that is relatable to the public." Said the actress.

The actor factor feature in the conference is what we consider to be a very interesting part of the conference especially for all you aspiring actors out there.  The actor factor component will consist of a panelist of actors such as the likes of Zikhona Sodlaka, Tumi Masemola, Celeste Khumalo and Akhumzi Jezile among others.

"People act but we don't know how to actually grow a brand, we don't know how a brand can be associated. And we've seen a few people who can actually do that and have done it very well, but other people are actually failing to do that. And also as actors, we lack the knowledge of looking into our legal matters and into investment. 

Every time the government speaks about actors or musicians they always say we die without money, why? It's not because there is no money or there are no opportunities it's because we don't understand how to invest, so with actors factor we're looking at those important issues and how they can better the lives of actors."

If you want to be part of Television Market Conference which takes place between the 13th-16th of July make sure you make your way to the Olive Convention Centre to meet up with like-minded people who are interested in improving the television market in Africa.

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