Israel Makoe working on 2 movies and how he masters his craft

Israel Makoe is hard at work for 2017.

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Israel Makoe

The end of the year is around the corner, but actors such as the likes of Israel Makoe are not slowing down for anything or anyone when it comes to his love for acting.

Speaking to ZAlebs Israel informed us that besides his work on shows like Z'bondiwe he has been hard at work.

"I have two new movies, one is called Amandla the other is called and the second one is called beyond the river. Those are my big movies for 2017."

Israel went on to share more on his movie Amandla and what the movie is about in general.

"Amandla is based on gangsters, I play the role of the gang leader of the 28's and then there's a young boy called Impi. Impi I groom him and initiate him into the gang life then in the later stages of the movie he becomes a trouble maker and he's the one that ends up killing me. In a nutshell, it's a very wild and hardcore movie."

Israel described his other movie, Beyond The River as a very beautiful movie that he will again act alongside the character of Impi with.

Israel is a revered as a very passionate actor who takes all of his character roles seriously, we then went on to ask him how he prepares and moulds his craft as an actor.

Israel Makoe working on 2 movies and how he masters his craft

"Most of the productions that I do, I get involved from day one, from for example iZ'bondiwe I am part of the writing team, I'm a conceptualist, I'm the one who gives them a direction in terms of things like gangsterism etc. 

So like I said for me when starting on an acting project I make sure I'm involved from the first day. 

From reading to translating the script, and doing research on characters, there's no job that I take lightly, each and every job that I get, I take it very seriously. I read the whole script, whether my role is small or big I read the whole thing so that I can understand how I fit in with this character.

I prepare myself physically, mentally and emotionally for the character and another thing is I'm mostly cast for one role, which is the bad guy, so I try to analyze how I'm going to treat this character differently from my other characters.

What I do is that I consider things like time frames, and the growth in my career so with each character I always ensure that I grow and viewers see a different side of me.

Make sure you look out for Israel's films Amandla and Beyond The River coming out in 2017