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While Jimmy might be the baby in the industry, his music is taking the charts by storm. His previous album, Subliminal, released in 2012, topped charts in various radio stations and in 2013 Jimmy joined global chart-topping acts Steve Aoki, Deadmau5, Benny Benassi, Alyssa  and Reid&Kaskade with the signing of an exclusive deal with top American record label Ultra Records for distribution in the US.

Let’s also not forget that he has been nominated for awards such as SAMA Kia Record of The Year, Wawela Awards - Best Male Artist & Composer and a Channel O African Music Video Award.

His latest album comes after the release of his single, Day Dream (Last Night). 
So what can fans expect from The Masses? 

I am expecting big things – I really hope that people get to hear a different side to me. This album has more identity and more life experiences. I hope that people feel inspired when they listen to my music.

You have had hit singles and also topped different radio charts, what is your secret to success?

Well, God aside, I think that it is hard work and always striving for the best. My dreams are even more alive than they were when I started this whole career so that fire and passion is always fuelled and ready to go.

 As an artist who are some of the artists that you enjoy listening to?

I enjoy Coldplay, Beyonce, Drake and Rihanna. I love listening to the lyrics, the production, the beats, the structures; it’s always a critical listening session with music for me, which is sometimes good and sometimes bad. As an artist who knows how much team work goes behind making an artist, I am well versed in knowing the composers, producers and others who work behind the scenes of these artists. Someday I hope to be on that level.

Any collaborations on the new album?
No. Although, who knows what may come in the next few months *wink wink*
What are some of the songs that will be hit singles in this festive season?
Day Dream is already a favourite for summer playlists. I think Tokyo, Blue Collar, 7764 and Yin-Yang will also be quite cool for this time of year. Generally songs about giving back, accepting yourself and moving forward.
When you released your first album, did you ever catch people selling your album illegally on the streets?

I have not, although I have downloaded my album illegally on the internet; I thought that was quite funny. I’ve also seen many people who have boot-legged the album from friends of theirs.
What is your view about piracy and what do you think can be done?
I think that once there is a solid respect and understanding for the artist in general, people will think twice before pirating music or movies. It comes down to society not seeing the Arts as something that is equal to science or business.
And a very important question...Is Jimmy in a relationship?
I think so. I’ll let you know once I know (laughs).


The Masses was produced by Ashley Valentine (Locnville, Kwesta and Chad Da Don) and recorded at Nevis’s own studio earlier this year. 

Be sure to catch Jimmy Nevis on his nationwide MUSICA FOR THE MASSES tour at a Musica near you:

November 22, 2014 - Tygervalley & Canal Walk, Cape Town

November 23, 2014 - Kenilworth & Blue Route, Cape Town

November 30, 2014 - The Pavillion & Gateway, Durban

December 6, 2014 - Sandton & Eastgate, Johannesburg

December 7, 2014 - The Waterfront & Cavendish, Cape Town

December  13, 2014 - Green Acres & The Bridge, Port Elizabeth

For more information, visit http://jimmynevisofficial.com

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