Jo-Anne Reyneke On Suffering A Miscarriage

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Black Tax star Jo-Anne Reyneke recently opened up to her fans during a QnA on her Instagram stories.

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The actress spoke about her work, she also revealed that she has had a miscarriage after a fan asked her, "have you ever had a miscarriage because you nailed that part."

In response, the former Muvhango star said yes. she wrote: "Thank you so much. Yes, I have gone through that pain. It needed to be told honestly."

Jo-Anne also shared that she has never been married and she currently has two children. She also shared that she is taking care of her later sister's kids.

Here are other questions that Jo-Anne answered on her IG stories.
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Meanwhile, YouTuber ad Influencer Vongai Mapho is pregnant again. She recently took to Instagram to share the news.

She wrote, "Today is my 30th, and the biggest gift ever bestowed upon me was the ability to carry this healthy baby, a new beginning a fresh start.

"My child we have waited for you wished for you and prayed for you. I don’t know how this journey would have unravelled if I was not surrounded by people who love us the way they do."

She also thanked her unborn baby for choosing her as a mother. She continued, " You choosing me to be your mom is the greatest blessing and reminder that HOPE is always present in the midst of adversity and turmoil. My heart bursts with joy and appreciation for the love my family and friends have shown me throughout this experience. I am restored nurtured and healed," Vhongai said also adding that her baby came at the right time.

Last year the Youtuber opened up about losing her first child. She revealed that the baby had a heart defect and developed cystic hygroma and would not be able to survive until the 20th-week mark.

Penning a heartfelt letter to her late baby a few weeks ago, she said she always wonders what her baby would have looked like. She wrote, "Kai Harper Murphy I miss you so much. You left my body riddled with the confusion of yearning to be a mom.

" I often find myself wondering how you would have looked like if your little face was going to resemble me or your dad. When I was carrying you in my belly I used to dream of the days I would finally be able to smell you and rock you to sleep on my chest. I often have vivid dreams about you but I can’t see your face you are far in the distance and I’m crying."

Pouring her heart out In her lengthy letter, Vongai said the pain is sometimes unbearable and too much to comprehend. She also added that she still has hope.

She continued, "I’m so grateful for having known you for those months you were with me. I know you are tucked safely in heaven watching over us. As your mom, I would have moved mountains to save you but that wasn’t part of the story," she concluded also encouraging other moms who have lost their babies to strong, "The pain of miscarrying or losing a child is one I do not wish for anyone. It’s a pain that lingers and steals part of your soul permanently."

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