Johanna Mukoki on her pageantry background & sisterhood with Basetsana Kumalo

Here's what Basetsana Kumalo and her older sister have in common. 

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Johanna Mukoki

Basetsana Kumalo’s older sister Johanna Mokoki has been striding in the travel business industry after opening Travel Flair back 2016, but just as she is a business person, many do not known that she too has has pageantry experience.

“I used to model, I used to do beauty pageants, everybody knows Bassie but I have seven beauty titles” Johnna went on two name a few “Miss Jomo Cosmos and I came second in Miss Universe South Africa...but it’s in the past” Johanna said

Speaking on her younger sister Basetsana who was crowned Miss South Africa in 1994 she said that even though they're both very successful in their careers, they respect each other equally.

“The beautiful thing about me and Bassie is that we both gifted in different things. I’m a numbers person, Bassie obviously graduated in psychology and she’s a really good marketer, so we both have strengths that do not collide…”

Basetsana Kumalo and Johanna Mukoki

Being raised well and respecting each other seems to be the secret.

“More importantly we were raised well, we had incredible parents, which gave us good grounding, we had incredible parents...there’s a really deep genuine respect for each other and that’s why we get along” she added.

Nothing cuts deeper than a sisters bond, and these two A-listers are reigning together and as they sustain their bond, they sustain their brands and businesses

“We go on holiday together, we sleep in the same bed, we can last a week together without people and it really happens to all of us, and if you have siblings that you can genuinely lean on, life is so much sweeter,” she said.

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