Jub Jub Kills The #DuduzaneChallenge

Jub Jub and his Uyajola 99 bodyguards kill it

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The #DuduzaneChallenge has taken Mzansi by storm and Jub Jub also decided that he takes part in it. He was accompanied by his buff Uyajolla 99 bodyguards. Check out the video below.

Mzansi's favourite show is back in production and ready to shake things up. The show that leaves cheaters shaking in their boots has already started filming in Mafikeng and as per usual the drama always follows.

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The last episode of Moja Love's  Uyajola 9/9 ended dramatically when the host Jub Jub was pushed into a pool by an angry cheater, as he tried to intervene after the cheater's girlfriend started getting physical.

Cheaters have always wanted retaliate, so when Jub Jub shared a picture of his car with visible bullet holes, his fans suspected it might be one of the many cheaters who have had enough of him. His dedication though always gets applauded looking at the extreme lengths he goes to, to get the truth out.

Whilst Uyajola was on a hiatus, You Promised To Marry took over with Jub Jub appearing in one or two episodes. Comedian Moshe Ndiki has however secured the major bag of hosting the show, giving Jub Jub enough time on his hands to shoot Uyajola.

After his stellar job at hosting the show, viewers want Moshe to continue giving them endless giggles every Sunday night.

As much as Mzansi enjoys watching the drama on the American spin-off of Cheaters, many have questioned it's authenticity. Some episodes do look staged according to viewers and Blondie, who was the side chick, revealed that their suspicions are true.

Blondie, whose real name Nontuthuko Gumede revealed that Uyajola 9/9 paid her R1000 to be a side chick. Blondie says she was misled into thinking it was all just an act. To her surprise, when the episode was shown she was angered at the fact that it was played out to be something of a reality.

She claims to have been approached by the producers who even told her what to say word-for-word and was then silenced with a R1000. In addition, she was instructed to de-activate her Facebook account so that her friends could not get a hold of her.

Denying that she was dating the man accused of cheating, she also alleges the couple that was 'feuding' on the show are actually in good terms and she knows them personally.

Revealing more about the show, Gumede said the crew members and Jub Jub commended her for the sterling performance, adding that they too were amazed at how real it looked.

After revealing all this, many believed her but still continued watching it because, well it is entertaining!

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