Kabelo Mabalane spent R1M on cocaine

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | Kabelo Mabalane  | Top of The

Kabelo Mabalane recently had an in-depth interview with Slikour Onlife, where he opened up about not only his heyday with fellow TKZee band members, but also the amount of money he wasted on drugs.

Kabelo explained what a crazy night out with the guys looked like: “Aaw man, you were looking at three or four grams of coke before the night started. If you’re scoring three or four grams before the night starts you definitely have about 10 hanger-ons that you’re also supporting their habit too.

"The thing is what really takes you out is the crew - those are the people that take you out. Because when I account for what I spent, you’ve got to triple that because of the people hanging around you.

"So you’re dropping R20,000 a day easy, and that’s like consistently and it catches up. I did a rough calculation on coke alone and I spent a million bucks just on cocaine. I used to sit with my boys and tell them that’s a Lamborghini up my nose.”

Here's the rest of the video right here...

However, Kabelo’s life has changed since those rock star years. He is now a pastor, a family man, and an author with a new book, entitled I ran for my life.

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