Kabza De Small's No So Nice Message To The Ladies

It appears the DJ and music producer is not happy with the recent girls make-up

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Scores of ladies on social media are certainly not thrilled at Kabelo Motha, famously known for his stage name as Kabza De Small's unwarranted beauty advise. This comes after Kabza De Small's Instagram story post, basically advising ladies to ease up on applying too much make-up on their faces.

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Kabza De Small has definitely struck a nerve as more ladies have found his post a little abrasive, condescended and judgmental. In his Instagram post, Kabza De Small has requested ladies to refrain from using too much make-up, to a point where they look a bit goldish.

"Anehlise iMake Up Akekho Nje UMuntu oGold" wrote Kabza De Small

Evidently, a number of ladies felt very attacked by Kabza De Small's subliminal jab, and subsequently they proceeded to call him out for being an alleged drunkard. The unimpressed ladies had a go at the DJ and music producer for his looks, which have always been a topical issue for a very long time.

"Yena ngabe wehlisa ukheveni, njengoba ubuso bakhe buvuthwe kanje?" wrote Bile Wosiyane
"Ngeke sizwe ngaye" wrote Palesa
"He was definitely famous on Facebook before he became a famous musician" wrote Kamo Sejake
"Hhaibo singama goldie bone" wrote Mpiloe Cabeka
Recently both Kabza De Small and DJ Maphaorisa came under fire following pulling a missing in action at AKA's funeral. Outraged tweeps did not beat around the bush to slam both the DJ's for not showing support to the slain, Kiernan 'AKA' Forbes.

Shortly after AKA's burial, Kabza De Small and DJ Maphorisa were the last but certainly not the least of celebrities to be called out for blue ticking AKA's passing and missing skipping his funeral. Tweeps could not come to terms with how noticeable it was for certain celebrities that did not extend their condolences nor paid their last respect to AKA.

Overcome with outraged, tweeps joined hands and collectively lambasted Kabza De Small and DJ Maphorisa for pulling a missing in action at AKA's funeral. The pair could did not even post on their social media pages about AKA's passing nor did they convey their condolences to the Forbes family.

"Kabza and Maphorisa can voestek ngempela ke manje! The way we support these dudes as a country but they couldn't even show some love for AKA." wrote Spho Cooks

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