Kairo Surprises Her Dad

Somebody give her the best daughter award already!

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We all know how much Kairo Forbes likes her dad AKA right? The young influencer recently pulled out all the stops today to put a smile on her dad's face.

Kairo and AKA have such a strong bond. They always leave us in awe of their bonding sessions. The mini influencer sometimes spends a few days at AKA's house to spend some quality time with him and we are here for it.

Kairo decided to prepare a lunch table for she and his father after a long day of work. She posted a video on her Instagram showing off the décor and it looked amazing.

The two have been spending a lot of time together and we love it. While on a mourning hiatus, AKA stepped away from the spotlight. He recently opened up about losing Nellie on Father's Day.

“Father’s Day was very difficult for me. Difficult because as much as I have lost you, as a father I cannot even imagine what it feels like to lose a child, especially someone as amazing as you. This is the last picture I took of you, and this is how I choose to remember you.

“I pray for your family every single day, as I do for mine. We miss you so much Anele. So so much. Everything reminds me of you,” wrote AKA. The death of Anele shook everyone and DJ Zinhle was dragged on it. On her reality show The Unexpected, she expressed frustration as she continuously gets dragged into AKA's life.

“This is something that is happening in Kiernan’s life but because Kiernan and I have a child together, it ends up affecting me. Kiernan has lost someone he loves and now people are making it about me,” said Zinhle.

Moozlie then said because they have a baby, this will continue to happen, and there is probably nothing she can do about it. “Kiernan can’t do anything without you being involved,” said the rapper. Then Zinhle responded to Moozlie and said, “In my view right now, there are people that are going through worse with the situation… but it’s just also a bit tough when the comments are so cruel.”

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