Things we didn't know about Kamo Modisakeng

Kamo is looking to solidify her name in the acting space 

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Kamo Modisakeng

Kamogelo 'Kamo' Modisakeng is an actress on the rise who has been passionate about the entertainment industry from a young age, and as she continues to stride and solidify her name in the acting scene, we get to know her better.

Kamo Modisakeng is a social media influencer, model and actress that is best known for her role as Bassie on Rockville. She later appeared on the first season of Ayeye as well as etv's Broken Vows and has had a stint as a presenter on SABC 1's Selimathunzi.

  • The media personality says that becoming an Instagram influencer was unintentional.

“I never took my Instagram page as a business page, it was just like: “Oh, I look pretty today, let’s post it” That type of thing…” she said in a recent interview on Touch HD.

  • Kamo was scouted by a talent manager on Instagram.

"Acting was always a big passion, so in High School, I did the arts and then I got to varsity and I told my mom: "Oh, I'm gonna do the arts' and she was like: "What? No you're not" So it was always something that lingered at the back of my mind but I didn't study it, somebody scouted me from Instagram and it started from there…”

Kamo Modisakeng and Trey

Although she had initially wanted to study arts, Modisakeng studied journalism because her mother advised her to study something different.

“I studied journalism...more than anything, I like communicating, I like interacting with people so that’s where the journalism is not just that I like people's business...acting caught me in the third year, and literally three months before exams, I said: “peace out, I’m going there...I’m back at school though..."

If you might have had your eyes on Modisakeng, know that the actress is already taken by Dream Team Member Trey.

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