Kelly Khumalo Fighting Off Fans

She is not mincing her words anymore

By  | Sep 29, 2022, 09:37 AM  | Kelly Khumalo  | Top of the

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Evidently, singer and song writer Kelly Khumalo is no longer taking the social media bullying lying down anymore. As she goes head to head with tweeps, in a heated argument where tweeps are breathing down Kelly Khumalo's neck about the fallout with Wanda Baloyi.

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In a heated argument on Twitter, Kelly Khumalo has told some of the tweeps to go where the sun doesn't shine. Following after the tweeps had so much to say around her recent fallout with her best friend, Wanda Baloyi.

Kelly Khumalo and Wanda Baloyi's fallout has had fans talking, following the recent episode of Like with Kelly, where the drift between Kelly Khumalo and Wanda Baloyi became apparent. When one tweep was defending Wanda Baloyi by inserting that just because Kelly Khumalo is now getting along with her sister, she is turning on Wanda Baloyi.

"Ulwisa uWanda ngoba usuxolelene no sisi wakho wena Kelly @KellyKhumaloZA . Imbi lento shlobo #LifeWithKellyKhumalo" wrote Mphile
Tweeps had another thing coming, as Kelly Khumalo did not mince her words when she unleashed and told the tweeps what time it was. She has blasted and sworn at the tweeps, who are on her case about owning Wanda Baloyi an apology, following their fallout.

"Musa ukukhuluma amasimba awuhlukanga nalo omdifendayo unfortunately the world doesn’t revolve around you and your petty feelings" wrote Kelly Khumalo
Things took a different direction real quick, as another tweep came in to lash out at Kelly Khumalo for saying that things doesn't revolve around the tweep that was defending Wanda Baloyi. This tweeps, took it straight to the head as they inserted that things also doesn't revolve Kelly Khumalo, who knows who killed Senzo Meyiwa but won't saying anything.

"The world doesn't revolve around someone who knows Senzo's killer and keep that between her legs" wrote Rodney
Tweeps must have caught Kelly Khumalo on her good, as she also did not waste any of time by retweeting and responding to the tweet. Kelly went on to accuse the tweep for seeking attention with an old story that doesn't have any effect anymore.

"No one said it does. And that attention seeking line is old. It actually has no effect anymore it’s been over used. Try something else" wrote Khumalo Khumalo
When explaining what really transpired between her and Wanda Baloyi. When Kelly Khumalo was answering another tweet, she went on to insert that she needed a friend and not a mother, when pertaining to Wanda Baloyi.

"No one is making anyone happy. Ppl must just know their place qha! I need a friend not a mother, I already got that covered" wrote Kelly Khumalo
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