Kelly Khumalo's Message To Future Hubby

She does not wish to have more children

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Despite not having the best track record when it comes to the men she dates, musician and vocalist Kelly Khumalo is still hopeful of finding the right man and settling down. The vocalist is on a journey of getting a flat stomach so more kids are not on the agenda for her.

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The Empini hitmaker has two children, a son named Christian and a daughter whose name is Thingo. Gushing over her children, the songstress said in previous posts, “My oven does wonders, look at them," referring to her kids. She is without a doubt a very good mother, who despite her busy schedule manages to be hands on, making her the recipient of the Mother Of The Year award.

On Instagram, Kelly posted a series of videos where she shares her journey of buying a brand new flat tummy. In the videos she is in the process of having her abdominal skin tightened. The first video however was a message to her future husband where she tell him that she is not planning on having anymore children. The songstress says she was planning on having maybe one or two more children if the universe decided to grant her that wish.

“After my visit to @lashitnailitbrowit for my laser lipo session I decided to record a message to my future husband,” she captioned her post.

After spending so much money on surgery to get a flatter figure, Kelly said she has changed her mind. If her future lover does want more children then he has to have a lot of money to buy her yet another flat tummy. The muso and reality star started this journey after the holiday buzz which caused her to gain a muffin top. She then decided to start the long process of getting rid of it by doing a non-invasive liposuction surgery, "It all went downhill after the 23rd of December, to a point where I gained a muffin top."

"My future husband, you will have to settle for this. I am not ruining myself again. You will have to settle for the fact that I do not want more babies, If you want more, you're going to have to have money for me to buy another tummy and this time it will be tough."

Kelly's flat stomach journey, has inspired Vusi Nova as he too is on a journey of getting a flatter, "What are you doing about your stubborn fat? I’m boxing and working hard, But I’m also buying my 6 pack! @kellykhumaloza uy’qalile into! Cavitation is a non-invasive fat reduction treatment that uses ultrasound technology to reduce fat cells in targeted parts of the body, effectively removes fat from targeted areas."

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