Why Kelly Considers Herself A National Treasure

She beefed up security because of this

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Kelly Khumalo considers herself a national treasure so her safety comes first. This was revealed in the latest episode of Life With Kelly, where she explained why she had to walk around with bodyguards.

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Videos of Kelly parading with bodyguards went viral on social media. People questioned why the singer had to go through the trouble of hiring security guards especially when the whole Senzo Meyiwa death trial gained momentum.

Speaking to police officers with her manager Kgothatso Tsotetsi, they were planning on having maximum security for Kelly as she had an upcoming concert in the Vaal.

Seeing how exposed Kelly would be at the event, they opted to have security present and with her every step of her way.

“How Thingo’s father was murdered is still a mystery to me. And, I’ve received a couple of death threats," explained Kelly.

She said days before her last gig in KwaZulu-Natal, she received death threats days before the event.

"I mean my last gig in KwaZulu-Natal, I received a threat two days before, that they were going to kill me. So security for me is literally everything.”

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Kelly said she had to beef up security since her baby daddy Senzo Meyiwa was gunned down in 2014.

Her manager told the officers they “regard Kelly Khumalo as a national asset because of the kind of person she is and the value she has in the music industry.”

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Kelly caused a stir in her last interview with eNCA days before Life With Kelly premiered when she said people did not know who Senzo was before he was associated with her brand. 

In the same interview, she said she felt let down by the law, “I think the lowest point for me is being let down by the law. As a South African citizen, I trust and believe in the law to protect not just me but my family and our society.

“But with what has happened to me, I have had my life threatened and family threatened, not once but multiple times. And I feel like the law is not coming into place to protect and make me feel like that it is within my right to have protection for myself and my family,” she said.

In the previous episode, Kelly spoke about Senzo and the nature of their relationship, “Senzo was my boyfriend, whom I loved dearly and he is a father to my daughter. And it is very much unfortunate that he left us the way that he did,” said Kelly.

Kelly said she is focused on being a good mother and will not entertain any negativity.

“I would rather have you ask those people than me. Because I’m not the one who is speaking. I am focusing on my dreams, I’m focusing on being a great mom and being a business woman.”

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