Kunene Launches Uber Rival

Kenny's app is "40% cheaper"

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Kenny Kunene is back in the tabloids and this time it's not because of a scandal; nor is it because he's a father again. The once renowned Sushi King is making business moves and has launched a new app that he hopes will rival Uber and Bolt (formerly Taxify).

Say hello to YOOKOO:

Kenny, who recently became a dad again, announced his new app in the media this week and revealed his ambitions to enter the e-hailing space in South Africa. Kenny spoke to TimesLIVE and revealed why he thinks that Yookoo Ride can rival some of the long term giants in the private cab industry.

Yookoo launched in Gauteng this year but apparently the demand is so high that it could launch in more provinces soon.

He boasted about his new app and its impressive features:

“Besides the fact that we are a 100% black-owned South African company, our app offers a panic button that will be linked to next of kin and our offices for emergency purposes. So in an event of any emergency, we will be able call the customer, contact the police or even dispatch security services in the area,”

That's not the only key differentiator between Yookoo Rides and Uber/Bolt. Payment has been revolutionised in the Yookoo interface, allowing for riders to load money in an electronic wallet. Kunene explained:

“People use these services for different reasons and some very often. A person who uses it to work can put R2,000 on their wallet account and pay for their trips from it. Even those who travel around for fun can be able to have a budget,”

This all sounds exciting but at the end of the day, Uber/Bolt are treating many of us quite well. Why should we bother switching? According to Kunene, his app is up to 40% cheaper than his rivals;

“Yookoo Rides offers massive discounts of up to 40%. This varies on distance, of course. The smaller the distance, the cheaper the ride. It’s a different case when it is a long distance trip,”

Although the app has just launched, Kenny Kunene says that the project has been in development since 2015:

  “It didn’t just happen. It took a lot for it to finally take off. I was blessed to come across people with the same passion - and qualifications, because I am just a businessman. It was a dream come true,”

We are certain that this app will help Kenny make even more money with which to spoil his wifey.

Do you see yourself using Kenny Kunene's new app to get around?

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