Uzalo's Khaya wants to play a straight guy

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Uzalo has catapulted Khaya Dladla’s TV career, and the actor admits that he still gets overwhelmed by all the support fans have shown him.

Many fans say they only watch the show because of his popular character.

“It’s scary how many people say that to me every day face to face, while in the car, and even on social media. It’s scary to know how many people are watching your work and what they think about it. It does help me to be more motivated on improving my craft. It [also] makes me my biggest critic,” he told ZAlebs.

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Khaya has been acting for nearly two decades, but fans only really know him as GC in Uzalo – his first ever TV gig.

The KwaZulu-Natal born actor says he wants his fans to see more of what he has to offer, and possibly wants to star in an international film.

“I would like people to be exposed to my talent even more. The thing most people don't know about me is that it is only my second time playing a gay character in the 17 years of my career, so I would like them to be exposed to Khaya playing a straight guy, which I have been doing for the longest time.”

His love for drama started when his parents thought sending him to drama class would keep their energetic son out of their hair!

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Khaya says his parents saw the lessons as just a hobby, but little did they know that he would soon be on his way to becoming a huge star.

“When I was eight years old I performed a dance piece and monologue on graduation day. A theatre production producer was invited to come and watch the closing show. My parents were never at these performances, because they just saw it as something to keep me busy. The producer guy was waiting for them to pick me up so he could ask their permission to use me for his next project. They arrived and didn’t understand why this guy wanted their over excited and very animated son for his project and they kept asking me in the car what was I doing during my performance, and was I the only one chosen for this, and yes I was.”

Khaya says his family is his everything, and has dealt well with his instant success. 

More about Khaya…

A typical day on the Uzalo set? I arrive at 5:00 - 5:30am for breakfast, do wardrobe, go to make-up. All of this you do while running through your lines for the scenes you are shooting on the day.

What to expect from GC? All I will say is there is a possible love story for GC. I cannot say with whom and when. You will have to watch…shhhh.

About his close relationship with co-star Sihle Ndaba: Wow, that young lady is amazing and I believe she is one of the people who will have a long lasting career in this business, specifically because of her talent and the way she carries herself.

On being a possible LGBTI ambassador: “Everyone would like to be an ambassador for something they strongly believe in, so I wouldn’t mind doing it if LGBTI shares the same values with my brand.

Why does Uzalo keep playing with our emotions?

Khaya could soon be blowing up the radio airwaves, but is keeping his cards close to his chest.

“Living in Durban the only celebrities we had were radio personalities and we never knew what they looked like, but they were loved. I grew a huge passion for radio. I had been told my voice would work but I kept being turned down, but radio is a huge part of my bucket list. Something in radio is cooking but I will only confirm everything once I have signed on the dotted line,” he said.

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