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We are just one week away from the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Mzansi and to say I am excited for this time of the year is an understatement. We have seen what the New Yorkers delivered just a few weeks ago and it will soon be the turn of our local designers to show us what they have been busy making in their personal fashion studios.

I had a chat with one of the designers who will be showcasing his work at this year's MBFWJ, Khothatso Tsotetsi. He is the designer behind Amanda du Pont’s amazing outfits and won the FastTrack competition in 2010. He is also the genius behind the highly acclaimed Alek Wek pieces from 2013.

Zalebs: Welcome to ZAlebs Khothatso! I know you are from the Vaal, did you spend your entire childhood there or did you move around?

Khothatso: I moved around a lot. I was born in Soweto and raised in Eldos then moved to the Free State, schooled in Mpumalanga and  then landed in the Vaal.

Zalebs: How has your personal history influenced your view in fashion? And what influences your style of design?

Khothatso: It kind of had an influence, considering the men and women in my family who had interest in clothes and style. My influences come from different emotions, experiences and challenges.

Zalebs: What motivated you to follow this passion?

Khothatso: My constant fascination with people's clothing and the way they dress; I've always been interested in people's dress sense and the changes they make.

Zalebs: I know Amanda du Pont has been rocking Tsotetsi KL for a year or so. Other than Miss du Pont and Dr. Precious Motsepe, who else has rocked Tsotetsi KL?

Khothatso: I have dressed a couple of other individuals. I make clothes for people who appreciate craft. Mpumi, Ntokozo, The Muffinz have all worn my garments before.

Zalebs: Tell us about your experience in Paris last year?

Khothatso: Paris is heaven for any individual.  It’s a bonus if you have an interest in fashion.  The trip was only my second time out of the country and it was a great time to show my growing passion on such a platform in such an amazing country.

Zalebs: Tell us more about your upcoming collection; what can we expect?

Khothatso: The collection is called In-Mate and it’s really something to look forward to.  It has looks that are different to what I have produced before.

Zalebs: What do you wish people could understand about working in the fashion industry?

Khothatso: It’s very cold and it has no heaters at all.  You do all that’s possible to get even a little recognition.  I have a strong belief that your work has to speak for itself. You just provide moral support to it's success.

Zalebs: Anything we should keep our eyes open for in the future?

Khothatso: TKL is growing and alot of things come up unexpected so in short we can only wait and see.

Zalebs: Where can people find you?


Twitter: @TsotetsiKL
My website: www.TsotetsiKL.com

The MBFWJ will take place on the 5th-7th of March at the Melrose Arch. Khothatso will showcase alongside Khosi Nkosi on the evening of the 5th at 6pm. Make sure you get your tickets on time!

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