King Monada In Awe Over His Rags To Riches Story

He is glad he never gave up

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King Monada has come a long way in his life and is finally reaping the benefits of all his hard work. He is definitely at the top of the list of people to look up to in terms of hard work and dedicating yourself to your craft and excelling at what you do.

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The Ska Mbora Moreki hit maker shared on his social media how he had endured some hardships in his life, but he overcame those. He expressed how proud he is of himself for not giving up because he is reaping the benefits off all his hard work. 

"There have been hard days, and there have been some challenges in my life, but I now look back at those days and feel so proud for never giving up on myself," he wrote. 

He shared a throw back picture of him and 2 other gentlemen. Then shared an image of him sipping expensive champagne living large. 

Monada then shared the date for his housewarming party which is March 5. Incase you were wondering what his mansion looks like.

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Another Limpopo star living large is Makhadzi but she lameented the hardships stars get when in the industry. This is after Riky Rick's passing where she said celebrities do not have anybody to talk to.

In a heartfelt Facebook post, Makhadzi said she will no longer judge a celebrity who takes their own life because she understands.

"At this stage of life I will never judge anyone or any CELEBRITY who take their own life. We don't have people to talk to, because most of the people who are closest friends they are the one who mostly betraying us.

"Instead of helping us they go around bragging about our situation just to prove that they know us better. When it comes to our fans , there are those ones who always want likes and share by insulting and  humiliating us with the situation that we cannot change.

She then says celebs are human beings just like every body else and they too hurt especially by the hurtful comments made by people.

"I wish if our fans they know that we are human beings like any other human. We feel pain like anyone especially when you found out that millions of people they are making fun about situation that you cannot change .how do you survive that if you are not strong.

"I had money and now I don’t have it. Don’t laugh , I am not God and I cannot predict this life, and enjoying my money is not a sin."

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