Crib Goals! King Monada Flaunts His Complete Double Storey Mansion

We are here for it

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Limpopo musician King Monada is living soft and we are here for it. The musician has taken to his Twitter account to flaunt his complete double storey that was under construction a couple of months ago. He gave his legion of fans a sneak peek at his stunning abode and it screams crib goals.

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The mansion has a stunning exterior and it is without a doubt that interior is a dream also. King Monada shared a picture of him standing outside his place with his cars on the background. He captioned the snap "Nice Home, Nice Cars, Happy Family, Successful and Independent. DREAMS DO COME TRUE."

The musician and producer has achieved a lot of success since he rose to superstardom. King Monada recently opened  up about building the mansion and said he will be hosting a housewarming on the 26th of November.

"I never thought I'll work on a big project like this... 2 steps to go then we are done. You are all invited to my house-warming on 26 November 2035 ... yes 2035." The mansion reportedly cost over R1.5-million to build and it is situated in ga-Mokgoloboto Village located in Tzaneen, Limpopo. His followers know that he does not shy away from showing off his assets. From his luxury cars, such as his Mercedes, to his beautiful mansion, homeboy is living his wildest dream.

Although Monada has been making boss moves lately, his car was recently repossessed and he took to his social media platforms to react saying in translation, "They took the car, I am going back to walking. Another thing that is going to kill us is debts," his post read followed by laughing emojis.

A few months ago he was in the news after, Makhadzi went live Facebook and ranted about Monada's treatment saying he treated her like a dog. "GHANAMA SONG IS MY SONG, MY CONCEPT and MELODIES, Featuring King Monada and PRINCE BENZA ON THE BEATS.. I did a song after recording monadas song called impossible.

"Our king must just drop his song called impossible ft makhadzi.. 'cause we can't let greediness make us fight! How can you own a song without doing anything?

"Our king must do the right thing 'cause I won't allow him to own my work matter the love and respect I have towards him...King must just swallow his pride and give me credit for my work."

Responding to Makhadzi’s allegations, King Monada claimed that he thought they had both agreed that the song would be released as a joint track. The Limpopo-born hitmaker further added that the latter was influenced by her superiors to claim full ownership of their song. Because the track was recorded in Monada’s studio – he said that he would take full ownership of the song. Clearly, that did not work as the Maorokisi hitmaker has released the record as her own.

Well, at least King Monada also shares his soft life with others. He recently tweeted a picture of himself giving back to the less fortunate. Monada bought groceries for struggling families.

He tweeted: "We saw an article by Tzaneen Voice of a family in Myakayaka area struggling to make ends meet. We visited them last night with MR Consultants to assess how we can assist going forward."

Tweeps applauded Monada for his kind gesture. @Makutupeter responded: "good gesture by you and your team but sometimes it's better when you don't take pictures of such activities to the media cause these people still have their dignity so when helping the poor leave the camera at home."
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