King Monada Set To Break In The New Year In Limpopo

Anyone else heard of his single, “Aye Kuwa?”

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This month of December  2022 has arguably been one of the most confusing Decembers in South Ah. Whether it is the fact that for the most part, it seems that the month has yet to kick into full throttle for some, the continued rising price of living or the fact that as a country, we have yet to settle on a Song of the Year. There is a lot of uncertainty.

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But while some other parts of the country might just need to settle with the fact that they might be ushering the New Year with K.O’s hit single, SETE, featuring Blxckie and Young Stunna. This is despite, the song already being arguably over played already for it to be the New Year’s song. 
Alternatively, if you are in KwaZulu-Natal or an avid Ukhozi FM listener, as seen with the Song of the Year which ushered them in this year. They too might just need to settle for a surprise and relatively unknown song to break in the New Year as they did with DJ Hlo
One province however, that seems set already in terms of what they believe is going to be the song to usher them into the New Year, it is Limpopo. This is as people of the province have already started campaigning for the King of Limpopo Music to usher them into the New Year. For those wondering, who that is, well, King Monada
King Monada set to break the new year in Limpopo

King Monada’s mainstream success can be traced back to his national hit single Idibala Malwedhe which become a run away hit back in 2018. Through the single alone and his then already established fame in Limpopo, he was dubbed as the King of Limpopo Music. 

A musical trajectory which has recently only been matched by fellow Queen of Limpopo Dance Music, Makhadzi. Therefore, it was all the more saddening to have seen the two fight over the 2021 hit single, Ghanama, as both King and Queen released their own versions. Thankfully, it would seem that they have both moved on from the scandal and have focused on their individual careers. 

In 2022, King Monada only released two songs. For the most part, specifically, in other provinces outside of Limpopo, the songs have arguably not have made an impact. Similar to the ongoing allegations of King Monada being snubbed by the SAMAs due to his music having a pointed audience demographic. 

However, as the time nears for the public to decide on what is meant to be the song to usher the New Year, Limpopo has decided that their song is set to be Aye Kuwa. The upbeat song garnered virality following the vira video of what looks like a young woman singing the song as if her life depended on it. 
As such, it did not take long for the song which was originally released back in May 2022, to be dubbed as a strong contender for the New Year’s song. 
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